Dr Paul Muchinsky author Psychology Apllied to Work 10th Edition for IO Psychology students and instructors

What’s new with the 10th Edition?

1. The Great Recession is dominating world news. Every chapter contains a new feature, "I/O Psychology and the Economy," that explains how economic issues influence the I/O content discussed in each chapter.
2. Work Engagement
3. e-Learning
4. Organizational (Corporate) Responsibility
5. Diversity-Validity Dilemma
6. Organizational Deviance and Corruption
7. Scientist-Practitioner Gap in Research
8. Organizational Politics
9. Workplace Psychological Health
10. "Ask the Author" through Skype

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"The 10th edition of the iconic Psychology Applied to Work® is archivally flawless and inspirationally visionary for students as well as fledgling and seasoned teachers, researchers, consultants and practitioners toiling in the vineyards of employment psychology. Were there an award for such books, Psychology Applied to Work®, industrial and organizational psychology’s gold standard by any criterion, would be declared the Pulitzer awardee."

Robert Perloff, Past President, American Psychological Association, Gold Medal Recipient for Lifetime Achievement, American Psychological Foundation

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Note: The 9th Edition is no longer available.

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